Unerupted tooth
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  Unerupted tooth

Unerupted tooth

    A tooth that has not pushed through the gum and assumed its correct position in the dental arch.



Relating to the ulna.

A diagnostic technique which uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of the internal organs.


The study and treatment of diseases that affect the urinary system.

Usual, customary and reasonable fees.

Unerupted tooth

Usher's Syndrome
Characterized by a severe sensori-neural hearing loss at birth and followed by the development of RP. Usher’s syndrome is the leading cause of deaf-blindness. Occurs in about 1 in 33,000 births. However, in the deaf population about 1 in 50 have Usher’s syndrome. No treatment is available, but see RP.

Uveal tract
The entire vascular coat of the eye composed of the iris, ciliary body, and choroid.

Ulcerative colitis
Inflammatory disease of unknown cause which involves the mucosa of the colon. Onset may be acute and fulminant, and its course often continues chronically in an intermittent or continuous form. Diarrhea is a common symptom and bleeding an almost constant concomitant symptom.

Inability to respond to antigenic stimulus. Unresponsiveness may be specific for a particular antigen (see tolerance), or broadly nonspecific as a result of damage to the entire immune system, for example after whole body irradiation.

A sore on the skin surface or on the stomach lining.

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