Takayasu's arteritis
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  Takayasu's arteritis

Takayasu's arteritis

    A form of giant cell arteritis which afflicts mainly younger females. Predominantly affects aortic arch vessels. (Pulseless disease).


Fundamental structural unit of all life. The cell consists primarily of an outer plasma membrane, which separates it from the environment; the genetic material (DNA), which encodes heritable information for the maintainance of life; and the cytoplasm, a heterogeneous assemblage of ions, molecules, and fluid.

Inflammation of blood vessels (arteries). Causes problems in the organs or tissues supplied by those arteries.

Human adult females as cultural, psychological, sociological, political, and economic entities.

The feeling-tone accompaniment of an idea or mental representation. It is the most direct psychic derivative of instinct and the psychic representative of the various bodily changes by means of which instincts manifest themselves.

Pertaining to the aorta, the largest artery in the body.

Describes the alignment of the upper or lower teeth.


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Common bony protuberance on the palate or lower jaw.

Transplant (dentistry)
Placing a natural tooth in the empty socket of another tooth.

Injury caused by external force, chemical, temperature extremes, or poor tooth alignment.

Trench mouth
Gum disease characterized by severe mouth sores and loss of tissue. See ANUG.

A white blood cell concerned with immunity. It does not produce antibodies.

Takayasu's arteritis

Temporal arteritis
A vasculitic disorder which presents with head pain and scalp tenderness and a high ESR. Sudden loss of vision may occur due to retinal artery occlusion. Part of the polymyalgia rheumatica disease spectrum. Also known as cranial or giant cell arteritis.

Band of fibrous tissue by which muscle is attached to bone.

Inflammation of tendon. (Tendinitis)

Tennis elbow
Lateral humeral epicondylitis. (An enthesitis).

Tinel's sign
Paraesthesiae (mainly in the middle finger) experienced on percussion over the flexor retinaculum at the wrist. Suggests carpal tunnel syndrome.

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