Fabry's disease
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  Fabry's disease

Fabry's disease

    See 'Angiokeratoma corporis diffusum'.


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Forensic dentistry
Practice of gathering legal evidence for body identification or judicial issues.

Valley found on the sutrpface of posterior teeth.

Full denture
Removable dental prosthesis (appliance) replacing all upper or lower teeth.

Full mouth reconstruction
Extensive restorations of natural teeth with crowns and or fixed bridges to manage bite problems.

Removal or reshaping of thin muscle tissue that attaches the upper or lower lips to the gum, or the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

Fabry's disease

Familial Mediterranean Fever
FMF. Autosomal recessive inheritance. Causes attacks of abdominal pain, fever and arthritis. Amyloidosis occurs. Predominantly affects Mediterranean races - e.g. Sephardic Jews.

Farber's Lipogranulomatosis
Autosomal recessive sphingolipidosis. Present in early childhood. There may be painful swellings affecting tendons and joints.

Tough membrane that encloses muscles and other organs.

Inflammation of the fascia.

Felty's Syndrome
Syndrome of rheumatoid arthritis with leukopenia, splenomegaly and other features which include weight loss and leg ulcers.

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