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    The healthful (therapeutic) release of ideas through "talking out" conscious material accompanied by an appropriate emotional reaction. Also, the release into awareness of repressed ("forgotten") material from the unconscious. See also repression.


Mentally awake and aware. Knowing what one is doing and why.

That part of the mind or mental functioning of which the content is only rarely subject to awareness. It is a repository for data that have never been conscious (primary repression) or that may have been conscious and are later repressed (secondary repression).

A defense mechanism, operating unconsciously, that banishes unacceptable ideas, fantasies, affects, or impulses from consciousness or that keeps out of consciousness what has never been conscious. Although not subject to voluntary recall, the repressed material may emerge in disguised form. Often confused with the conscious mechanism of suppression. resistance One's conscious or unconscious psychological defense against bringing repressed (unconscious) thoughts into conscious awareness.


A laxative.


Cathedral Healthcare System
Cathedral Healthcare System is a hospital in Newark, New Jersey (USA).

A thin, flexible tube that carries fluids into or out of the body.

Catheter, central
A catheter (a tube) that is passed through a vein to end up in the thoracic (chest) portion of the vena cava (the large vein returning blood to the heart) or in the right atrium of the heart.

Catheter, central venous
A catheter (tube) that is passed through a vein to end up in the thoracic (chest) portion of the vena cava (the large vein returning blood to the heart) or in the right atrium of the heart.

Catheter, Foley
A flexible plastic tube (a catheter) inserted into the bladder to provide continuous urinary drainage.

Catheter, hemodialysis
A venous catheter used for hemodialysis (dialysis of the blood). A hemodialysis catheter is a type of central venous catheter. It may be inserted into the subclavian, internal jugular, or femoral veins. Subclavian catheters generally may be used for 2 to 6 weeks. Hemodialysis catheters are often for relatively short-term use because of an acute need for dialysis or because chronic dialysis is just starting.

Catheter, indwelling bladder
A flexible plastic tube (a catheter) inserted into the bladder that remains ("dwells") there to provide continuous urinary drainage.

Catheter, pulmonary artery
A light flexible balloon-tipped tube that is introduced into the pulmonary artery (the artery from the right ventricle of the heart to the lungs).

Catheter, Swan-Ganz
A thin, flexible tube that is inserted through one of the large veins (the inferior or superior vena cava) that return blood to the heart. The catheter is flow-directed. It uses a balloon to carry it through the vena cava to the heart, through the right side of the heart (the right atrium and right ventricle) to the pulmonary artery. Once there, the catheter is purposely positioned in a small branch of the pulmonary artery. Then a pressure called the pulmonary wedge pressure is measured in front of the temporarily inflated and wedged balloon.

Catheterization, venous
The insertion of a tiny tube (a catheter) into a peripheral or central vein to deliver fluids or medication. This is the most frequently used method for the administration of intravenous (IV) fluids and IV meds (medications).

A paraphilia of the fetishistic/talismanic type in which sexuoerotic arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent on having a catheter inserted up into the urethra.

Attachment, conscious or unconscious, of emotional feeling and significance to an idea, an object, or, most commonly, a person.

Cathflo activase
Cathflo activase is a prescription or over-the-counter drug which is (or once was) approved in the United States and possibly in other countries. Active ingredient(s): alteplase.

Catholic Health Association of Wisconsin
Catholic Health Association of Wisconsin is a hospital in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).

Catholic Health Initiatives
The Catholic Health Initiatives is a hospital in Aston, Pennsylvania, United States.

Catholic Health Partners
Catholic Health Partners is a hospital in Chicago, Illinois (USA).

Catholic Medical Center
Catholic Medical Center is a hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire (USA).


Categorical attitude
Abstract attitude. This is a type of thinking that includes voluntarily shifting one's mind set from a specific aspect of a situation to the general aspect; It involves keeping in mind different simultaneous aspects of a situation while grasping the essentials of the situation. It can involve breaking a situation down into its parts and isolating them voluntarily; planning ahead ideationally; and/or thinking or performing symbolically. A characteristic of many psychiatric disorders is the person's inability to assume the abstract attitude or to shift readily from the concrete to the abstract and back again as demanded by circumstances.

Capgra's syndrome
The delusion that others, or the self, have been replaced by imposters. It typically follows the development of negative feelings toward the other person that the subject cannot accept and attributes, instead, to the imposter. The syndrome has been reported in paranoid schizophrenia and, even more frequently, in organic brain disease.

Waxy flexibility--rigid maintenance of a body position over an extended period of time.

Episodes of sudden bilateral loss of muscle tone resulting in the individual collapsing, often in association with intense emotions such as laughter, anger, fear, or surprise.

Catatonic behavior
Marked motor abnormalities including motoric immobility (i.e., catalepsy or stupor), certain types of excessive motor activity (apparently purposeless agitation not influenced by external stimuli), extreme negativism (apparent motiveless resistance to instructions or attempts to be moved) or mutism, posturing or stereotyped movements, and echolalia or echopraxia.


Attachment, conscious or unconscious, of emotional feeling and significance to an idea, an object, or, most commonly, a person.

Cerea flexibilitas
The "waxy flexibility" often present in catatonic schizophrenia in which the patient's arm or leg remains in the position in which it is placed.

Pattern of speech that is indirect and delayed in reaching its goal because of excessive or irrelevant detail or parenthetical remarks. The speaker does not lose the point, as is characteristic of loosening of associations, and clauses remain logically connected, but to the listener it seems that the end will never be reached.

type of thinking in which the sound of a word, rather than its meaning, gives the direction to subsequent associations.

The simultaneous appearance of two or more illnesses, such as the co-occurrence of schizophrenia and substance abuse or of alcohol dependence and depression. The association may reflect a causal relationship between one disorder and another or an underlying vulnerability to both disorders. Also, the appearance of the illnesses may be unrelated to any common etiology or vulnerability.

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