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  Cass Medical Center

Cass Medical Center

   Cass Medical Center is a hospital in Harrisonville, Missouri (USA).


Pertaining to Medicine.

Institutions with an organized medical staff which provide medical care to patients.


A pre-existing structure into which an insert can be moved. In molecular biology, a gene conversion process in which the old gene is replaced with a copy of a silent gene and the new copy becomes active. As the process involves replacing one ready made construct with another in an active slot, it is termed a cassette mechanism.


Crittenton Hospital
Crittenton Hospital is a hospital in Rochester, Michigan (USA).

Central Minnesota Heart Center
Central Minnesota Heart Center is a hospital in Saint Cloud, Minnesota (USA).

Children's Hospitals and Clinics
Children's Hospitals and Clinics is a hospital in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA).

Central Mississippi Medical Center
Central Mississippi Medical Center is a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi (USA).

Capitol Region Medical Center
Capitol Region Medical Center is a hospital in Jefferson City, Missouri (USA).

Cass Medical Center

Children's Mercy Hospital
Children's Mercy Hospital is a hospital in Kansas City, Missouri (USA).

Citizens Memorial Healthcare
Citizens Memorial Healthcare is a hospital in Bolivar, Missouri (USA).

Columbia Regional Hospital
Columbia Regional Hospital is a hospital in Columbia, Missouri (USA).

Cox Health Systems
Cox Health Systems is a hospital in Springfield, Missouri (USA).

Crossroads Regional Hospital
Crossroads Regional Hospital is a hospital in Wentzville, Missouri (USA).

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