Cashew allergy
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  Cashew allergy

Cashew allergy

   An allergic reaction to cashew nuts. Cashew allergy can be isolated, meaning that the individual is only allergic to cashews and not to other nuts, or the allergy may extend to other kinds of tree nuts such as walnuts and pistachios. Isolated cashew allergy can strike children or adults. No prior exposure to cashews is required for an allergic reaction to cashews.


A major defense mounted by the body's immune system against normally harmless substances, or allergens, such as chemicals in pollen, food, bee stings, animal dander, or dust. An allergic reaction is the body's strong reaction to these substances in a person who is sensitive to them. Reactions range from mild to severe, and may include sneezing, a rash, or difficulty breathing (which can be fatal).


Cashmere View Hospital
The Cashmere View Hospital is a hospital in Canterbury, New Zealand.


Cartilage hair hypoplasia syndrome
A specific genetic form of short-limbed dwarfism with skeletal features that also include normal head, inability to fully extends the elbows, chest cage deformity, bow legs (genu varum), and the tibia shorter than the fibula. The fingers are usually loose-jointed and the fingernails foreshortened. Biopsy shows hypoplasia (underdevelopment) of cartilage to be the nature of the skeletal abnormality. The hair is unusually fine, sparse and light-colored. Microscopically, it has an abnormally small caliber. Many patients with cartilage hair hypoplasia have a major immunologic defect that is manifested, for example, as an unusual susceptibility to chickenpox. In addition to lymphopenia (lack of lymphocytes), some patients have anemia and neutropenia (lack of neutrophiliuc white blood cells). There is an increased malignancy risk, especially lymphoma and skin cancer. A condition called aganglionic megacolon (Hirschsprung disease) is also found in some patients.

A sequence of successive activation reactions involving enzymes (enzyme cascade) or hormones (hormone cascade) characterized by a series of amplifications of an initial stimulus. In blood coagulation, for example, each enzyme activates the next until the final product, the fibrin clot, is reached.

Case-fatality proportion
The number of cases of a disease ending in death compared to the number of cases of the disease. Usually expressed as a percentage.

Case-to-infection ratio
The ratio of the number of cases of a disease compared to the number of infections with the agent that causes the disease. Also called the case-to-infection proportion.

The main protein found in milk and other dairy products.

Cashew allergy

Caspase 3
An enzyme that plays a key role in programmed cell death, or apoptosis. Caspase 3 has been called the "henchman that goes around and executes the cell." It is a member of the family of asparate-specific cysteinyl proteases and is also known as caspase-3, CPP32, apopain, or YAMA.

A pre-existing structure into which an insert can be moved. In molecular biology, a gene conversion process in which the old gene is replaced with a copy of a silent gene and the new copy becomes active. As the process involves replacing one ready made construct with another in an active slot, it is termed a cassette mechanism.

Casting, serial
The use of successive casts to reshape deformed or spastic limbs.

Castleman disease
A disorder of lymphoid tissue (lymphadenopathy) with massive overgrowth (hyperplasia) of lymph nodes ("swollen glands"), most commonly affecting the nodes between the lungs (in the mediastinum).

Cat cry syndrome
A disorder caused by the loss of part of the short (p) arm from chromosome 5. Also called the cri du chat (or cri-du-chat) syndrome.

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