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    Having a consistency like that of cottage cheese.


Case report form (CRF)
A printed, optical, or electronic document designed to record all of the protocol-required information to be reported to the sponsor on each trial subject.

Case-fatality proportion
The number of cases of a disease ending in death compared to the number of cases of the disease. Usually expressed as a percentage.

Case-to-infection ratio
The ratio of the number of cases of a disease compared to the number of infections with the agent that causes the disease. Also called the case-to-infection proportion.

The main protein found in milk and other dairy products.


Corticaltectal pathway
Pathway from the cortex to the superior colliculi.

Cortical magnification factor
Defined as millimeters of cortex per degree of visual angle.

Cycles per degree of visual angle. The human limit is about 30cpd in the fovea for an individual with 20/20 vision.

Critical flicker frequency (CFF)
The frequency of flicker where the alternating levels of brightness are seen as a single level. The frequency is dependent on brightness levels and retinal location.

Cytochrome oxidase
Histochemical method. Indicator of functional state of neurons as brain derives energy from oxidase metabolism. Used in the discovery of blobs in the visual cortex.


Inflammation of a mucous membrane with free discharge.

Gallstone; bile stone.

Affecting or pertaining to the opposite side.

Having a ripple-like distortion.

Marked enlargement of cells.

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