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   Certified Acupuncturist.


A person skilled in the practice of acupuncture, who may or may not be credentialed by a national accrediting body.



A short, thick bacterial rod of the shape of an oval or slightly elongated coccus.

Of a substance which causes cancer.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
A progressive lung disease process characterized by difficulty breathing, wheezing, and a chronic cough. Complications include bronchitis, pneumonia, and lung cancer.

Basic silicate of magnesium, one of six naturally occurring fibrous minerals forming the group called asbestos. White in color, the only mineral of the serpentine subgroup of asbestos. Constituted up to 95% of all industrial asbestos.

A fibrous sodium iron chain silicate of the amphibole subgroup of asbestiform minerals, often called "blue asbestos" due to color ranging from Prussian and indigo blue to yellow green. Its fibers generally resemble strands of fine textured hair which can usually bend beyond 90 before breaking. One of three common forms of asbestos found in building materials, formerly constituting about 4% of the world total production of asbestos.


Cabala (cabbala, cabbalah, kabala, kabbala, kabbalah, kabbalism, Qabalah, Qabbalah)
An eclectic and multiform mystical system of ancient Jewish origin analogous to yoga. It encompasses "angelology," demonology, meditation, and prayer.

Any of an indefinite number of yogic alleged invisible bodily openings for "life energy."

1. The supposed power to perceive sounds (e.g., music and voices) not within the known extent of human perception. 2. The supposed power to perceive sounds from "alien dimensions," such as the voices of spirits.

One who claims or appears to have clairvoyance, the alleged ability to obtain information in a way that does not involve using any of the known human senses.

Collective unconscious (universal consciousness)
Alleged inborn psychological bedrock--common to all humans but varying with the particular society, people, or race--that enables telepathy.

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