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   A genus of encapsulated, nonmotile bacteria (family Brucellaceae) containing short, rod-shaped to coccoid, Gram-negative cells. These organisms are parasitic, invading all animal tissues and causing infection of the genital organs, the mammary gland, and the respiratory and intestinal tracts, and are pathogenic for man and various species of domestic animals. They do not produce gas from carbohydrates.


Refers to a tumor that is wholly confined to a specific area, surrounded by a capsule. Localized.

Single-celled microorganisms which can exist either as independent (free-living) organisms or as parasites (dependent upon another organism for life).


Having to do with the sex organs.

Having to do with the breast.

An organ that releases a chemical. Endocrine glands are ductless and secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream. Exocrine glands secrete externally, either through a tube or duct.

A type of food, usually derived from plants; one of three nutrients that supply calories to the body; includes simple carbohydrates (sugar, fruit) and complex carbohydrates (vegetables, starches).


Bruce protocol
A standardized multistage treadmill test for assessing cardiovascular health.

An infectious disease due to the bacteria Brucella that causes rising and falling (undulant) fevers, sweats, malaise, weakness, anorexia, headache, myalgia (muscle pain) and back pain.


Blind review
The checking and assessment of data during the period of time between trial completion (the last observation on the last subject) and the breaking of the blind, for the purpose of finalising the planned analysis.

Blinded medications
Products that appear identical in size, shape, colour, flavour, and other attributes to make it very difficult for subjects and investigators to determine which medication is being administered.

Blind study
One in which the subject or the investigator (or both) are unaware of what trial product a subject is taking. See also double-blind study, single-blind study, triple-blind study.

A procedure in which one or more parties to the trial are kept unaware of the treatment assignments. Single-blinding usually refers to the subject(s) being unaware, and doubleblinding usually refers to the subject(s), investigators, monitor, and, in some cases, data analyst(s) being unaware of the treatment assignments.

Blood agar
A mixture of blood and nutrient agar, used for the cultivation of many medically important microorganisms.


A large blister appearing as a circumscribed area of separation of the epidermis from the subepidermal structure (subepidermal bulla) or as a circumscribed area of separation of epidermal cells (intraepidermal bulla) caused by the presence of serum, or occasionally by an injected substance.

Butchart staging system
The staging system most often used for mesothelioma. It is divided into Stages I - IV with the levels determined by the tissue involved.

The treatment of illness by baths (e.g., mud baths).

Chemically affecting a living being.

Bulimia (binge-eating syndrome, bulimarexia, bulimia nervosa, BN)
That eating disorder characterized by recurrent binge eating; recurrent willful vomiting and/or other recurrent inappropriate compensatory measures to prevent weight gain (e.g., laxative abuse, diuretic abuse, or overexercising); and an excessive influence of body weight or shape on self-evaluation.

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