Brown syndrome
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  Brown syndrome

Brown syndrome

   An ophthalmology (eye) problem. Brown syndrome is an abnormality that is present at birth (congenitally) and is characterized by an inability to elevate the eyeball when trying to move the eyeball to the outside. Brown syndrome can also occur because of other conditions which affect the normal function of the eye muscles.


The branch of medicine that pertains to the eye and its diseases.

A grouping of signs and symptoms, based on their frequent co-occurrence, that may suggest a common underlying pathogenesis, course, familial pattern, or treatment selection.

This word is used to described observable behavior that represents the expression of a subjectively experienced feeling state (emotion). Common examples of affect are sadness, fear, joy, and anger. The normal range of expressed affect varies considerably between different cultures and even within the same culture. Types of affect include: euthymic, irritable, constricted; blunted; flat; inappropriate, and labile.


Brow-Sulzer Effect
An enhancement of brightness/darkness perception is found in the time domain. Stimuli of short duration evoke stronger sensations than stimuli of long duration.

Broward general Medical Center
Broward general Medical Center is a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA).

Brown County General Hospital
Brown County General Hospital is a hospital in Georgetown, Ohio (USA).

Brown fat
Brown adipose tissue, a rapid source of energy for infants in whom it forms about 5% of their body weight. It is brown because the cells in it are packed full of small cellular organs called mitochondria, which are energy factories, and it has a rich supply of blood vessels. Brown fat is virtually gone by adulthood.

Brown's syndrome
Diplopia due to interference with smooth operation of superior oblique tendon. May occur in rheumatoid arthritis.

Brownsville doctors
All doctors near Brownsville, the United States of America. Doctors who can assist a patient in Brownsville.

Brownsville General Hospital
The Brownsville General Hospital is a hospital in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, United States.

Brownsville Medical Center
Brownsville Medical Center is a hospital in Brownsville, Texas (USA).

Brownwood Regional Medical Center
Brownwood Regional Medical Center is a hospital in Brownwood, Texas (USA).


A thin, flexible instrument used to view the air passages of the lung.

A procedure that permits the doctor to see the breathing passages through a lighted tube.

Bronchospasm, exercise-induced
Also called exercise-induced asthma, this is asthma that is triggered by vigorous physical activity. Exercise-induced asthma tends particularly to affect children and young adults (because of their high level of physical activity) but can occur at any age.

An abnormal and persistent fear of thunder that causes undue anxiety even though sufferers realize that thunder itself poses no threat to them. When outdoors during a thunderstorm, they may suffer excessive anxiety. When indoors, they may hide under beds or desks, behind sofas, or in closets.

Brown fat
Brown adipose tissue, a rapid source of energy for infants in whom it forms about 5% of their body weight. It is brown because the cells in it are packed full of small cellular organs called mitochondria, which are energy factories, and it has a rich supply of blood vessels. Brown fat is virtually gone by adulthood.

Brown syndrome

Bruce protocol
A standardized multistage treadmill test for assessing cardiovascular health.

An infectious disease due to the bacteria Brucella that causes rising and falling (undulant) fevers, sweats, malaise, weakness, anorexia, headache, myalgia (muscle pain) and back pain.

Brunhilde virus
Type 1 poliovirus. Named after a female chimpanzee from which it was first isolated. There are two other strains of poliovirus: Type 2 (known as the Lansing virus) and Type 3 (known as the Leon virus). Immunity to one strain does not provide protection against the other two. All three strains are therefore included in the poliovirus vaccine.

Bruton agammaglobulinemia tyrosine kinase
A genetic type of immunodeficiency characterized by failure to produce mature B lymphocytes and gamma globulin, due to mutation (change) in the agammaglobulinemia tyrosine kinase gene situated on the X chromosome (in the region Xq21.3-q22). The disorder is inherited as an X-linked recessive trait.

Body surface area.

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