Brown's syndrome
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  Brown's syndrome

Brown's syndrome

    Diplopia due to interference with smooth operation of superior oblique tendon. May occur in rheumatoid arthritis.


Diplopia is a visual disorder that results in double vision, such that when the viewer looks at an object it seems as if there are two objects. It can arise when the eye muscles are not functioning as intended, and the eyes are not correctly aligned while focusing on an object. This binocular diplopia disappears when one eye is closed.

The anatomical term for "above". i.e. the head is superior to the shoulder. Typically used in humans only. See Cranial/Caudal/Inferior.

Band of fibrous tissue by which muscle is attached to bone.

Inflammation of a joint, usually accompanied by pain, swelling, and stiffness, and resulting from infection, trauma, degenerative changes, metabolic disturbances, or other causes. Arthritis occurs in various forms, such as the arthritis associated with infections, osteoarthritis, or rheumatoid arthritis. Many forms of vasculitis can also be associated with arthritis.


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Borrelia burgdorferi
Spirochaete responsible for Lyme disease. Transmitted by tick-bite.

Bouchard's nodes
Bony swelling of proximal interphalangeal joints of fingers in osteoarthritis.

Boutonniere deformity
Deformity of finger due to fixed flexion of proximal interphalangeal joint and hyperextension of distal interphalangeal joint.

Brachial neuritis
A neuropathy involving symptoms in an upper limb. Pain and weakness may be out of proportion to sensory abnormality. (Brachial plexus neuropathy, Neuralgic amyotrophy)

Brodie's abscess
Occurs in chronic osteomyelitis - especially in upper tibia.

Brown's syndrome

Buerger's disease
A peripheral vascular disorder in which there is granulomatous infiltration of the arteries, predominantly in the lower limbs.

A fluid-filled sac. They are found between tissue planes where shearing forces may act - e.g. at the knee and elbow. They are lined by synovium and contain synovial fluid - like the joint. Bursitis occurs when they are inflamed.

See 'bursa' above.

Billing medical software
A specific type of software addressed to medical charging and billing needs.

An antihypertensive agent produced by Novartis and based on reserpine, clopamide, dihydroergocristine, and hydralazin.

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