Broadband stimulus
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  Broadband stimulus

Broadband stimulus

    A visual stimulus that can be considered to be the sum of a large number of sine-wave components.


Broadband channel
Pathway that begins with the parasol (magno) ganglion cells in the retina and terminates within the magnocellular layer of the LGN. Has a high contrast gain than Parvocellular Pathway.

Broadland doctors
All doctors near Broadland, Great Britain. Doctors who can assist a patient in Broadland.

Broadlawns Medical Center
Broadlawns Medical Center is a hospital in Des Moines, Iowa (USA).


Block coding
Any image processing technique which begins by subdividing the image into blocks.

Bregman-Kanizsa display
A display which suggests that the presence of visible occluders permits amodal completion which aid figure-ground segmentation and object recognition.

Border contrast
A localized contrast effect which is limited to the border immediately adjecent to the contrast discontinuity.

Brightness constancy
The perceived brightness of real objects in a natural environment is largely independent of changes in the overall illumination.

Broadband channel
Pathway that begins with the parasol (magno) ganglion cells in the retina and terminates within the magnocellular layer of the LGN. Has a high contrast gain than Parvocellular Pathway.

Broadband stimulus

Brow-Sulzer Effect
An enhancement of brightness/darkness perception is found in the time domain. Stimuli of short duration evoke stronger sensations than stimuli of long duration.

British empiricism
Rejects the notion that ideas were implanted in the mind at birth. Instead all complex ideas are built up for the sense organs. Ultimately all knowledge is achieved by associating simple sensations.

Affecting both sides.

A round eminence as found at the base of a horn.

Marked or covered with round eminences (bosses) resembling those found at the base of a horn.

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