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    Medicines that balance acids and gas in the stomach.


A biological system that enables us to know where our bodies are in the environment and to maintain a desired position. Normal balance depends on information from the inner ear, other senses (such as sight and touch) and muscle movement.


A trade name for disulfuram, effective in the treatment of alcoholism as it produces aversive symptoms when combined with alcohol.

Antagon or Ganirelix is used to inhibit premature ovulation in women undergoing fertility procedures. This medicine prevents premature luteinizing hormone (LH) surges in women undergoing the fertility procedure of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation. LH is involved in ovulation, which is the development of eggs in the ovaries. Ganirelix may help reduce the need for follicle-stimulating hormone, which is also involved in ovulation.

Antagonate is a prescription or over-the-counter drug which is (or once was) legal in the United States and possibly in other countries. Active ingredient(s): chlorpheniramine maleate.

"In biochemistry, an antagonist acts against and blocks an action. For example, insulin lowers the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood, whereas another hormone called glucagon raises it; therefore, insulin and glucagon are antagonists. An antagonist is the opposite of an agonist which stimulates an action. Antagonists and agonists are key players in pharmacology and in the chemistry of the human body."

Antagonist medication
A chemical entity that is not naturally occuring within the body which occupies a receptor, produces no physiologic effects, and prevents endogenous and exogenous chemicals from producing an effect on that receptor.

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Antalgic gait
Gait in which patient reduces weight-bearing on painful joint or limb. (Pain-avoiding gait).

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Antara (micronized
Antara micronized is a prescription or over-the-counter drug which is (or once was) legal in the United States and possibly in other countries. Active ingredient(s): fenofibrate.


Abnormal or enlarged blood vessels in the gastrointestinal tract.

An x-ray that uses dye to detect bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

A non-surgical procedure for treating diseased arteries.

Failure of the ovaries to produce or release mature eggs.

A test to look for fissures, fistulae, and hemorrhoids using a special instrument, called an anoscope, to look into the anus.


A medication that keeps blood from clotting.

Anti-Parkinson drugs that block the action of acetylcholine, thereby rebalancing it in relation to dopamine and reducing rigidity and tremor; e.g., Artane, Cogentin.

Medicines that help control diarrhea.

Medicines that prevent and control nausea and vomiting.

Antihistamine drugs
A group of drugs that block the effects of histamine, a chemical released in body fluids during an allergic reaction.

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