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   "No ear. The term ""anotia"" usually refers to congenital (from birth) absence of the external ear, the auricle, the visible part of the ear."


The hearing organ. There are three sections of the ear, according to the anatomy textbooks. They are the outer ear (the part we see along the sides of our head behind the temples), the middle ear, and the inner ear. But in terms of function, the ear has four parts: those three and the brain. Hearing thus involves all parts of the ear as well as the auditory cortex of the brain. The external ear helps concentrate the vibrations of air on the ear drum and make it vibrate. These vibrations are transmitted by a chain of little bones in the middle ear to the inner ear. There they stimulate the fibers of the auditory nerve to transmit impulses to the brain.

Present at birth.

"1.The principal projecting part of the ear. Also called the pinna.2. Something ear shaped such as the upper chambers of the heart. Also called the atria.



Absence of the eye, as a result of a congenital malformation (birth defect) of the globe. Anophthalmia refers, strictly speaking, to absence of the globe and ocular tissue from the orbit. However, in most cases of anophthalmia, CT scans show some remnants of the globe, indicating they represent severe microphthalmia (small eyes).

Anorexia, cancer
See: Cancer anorexia.

1. Pertaining to anorexia, lack of appetite. 2. A drug or other agent that causes anorexia and so diminishes the appetite.

Causing anorexia (loss of appetite) as, for example, an anorexigenic drug.

"Or anorgasmia. Failure of a male or female to achieve an orgasm (climax) during sexual intercourse. Anorgasmia is characterized by psychologists as a ""psychosexual dysfunction,"" a sexual maladjustment that is psychological or emotional in origin. Anorgasmia can result from a variety of problems, including stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, worry, guilt, fear of painful intercourse, fear of pregnancy, the undesirability of a partner, the undesirability of a setting, and use of alcohol or drugs. In women this problem is also referred to as ""frigidity,"" or female orgasmic dysfunction."


Not accompanied by ovulation, the release of an ovum (egg) from the ovary. Synonymous with anovulatory.

Anovular menstruation
Menstruation without ovulation. The egg stays within the ovary and usually disintegrates but sometimes it is fertilized, resulting in a life-threatening pregnancy within the ovary.

1. Strictly speaking, the absence of oxygen. 2. The near absence of oxygen. 3. Sometimes used loosely as a synonym for hypoxia.

Pertaining to anoxia, an absence or near absence of oxygen.

Ant, fire
Also called thief ants, a scourge, these red or yellow ants of small-to-medium size, originally from South America, have a severe sting that burns like fire and can trigger an allergic reaction. Avoidance and prompt treatment are essential.

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