Anomic aphasia
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  Anomic aphasia

Anomic aphasia

    Loss of the ability to name objects.


The ability to acquire general or special types of knowledge or skill.


Anomalad, Klippel-Feil
See: Klippel-Feil sequence.

Birth defects; abnormalities.

Anomalous Coronary Artery
The normal anatomy for the coronary arteries involves their origin from the aorta at each of two separate sites. Sometimes people can be born with the origin of a coronary artery that comes from an abnormal site and this can lead to problems of coronary ischemia which can subsequently lead to heart attack. Not all coronary anomalies need surgery, but some do and the specific operation depends on which of the many varieties of coronary anomalies is present.

Deviation from normal.

Anomaly, congenital
A birth defect. A malformation that occurs before birth and is present at birth.

Anomaly, Klippel-Feil
See: Klippel-Feil sequence.

A problem with word finding. Impaired recall of words with no impairment of comprehension or the capacity to repeat the words.

Apathy, alienation, and personal distress resulting from the loss of goals previously valued. Emile Durkheim popularized this term when he listed it as a principal reason for suicide.


In Jungian psychology, a person's inner being as opposed to the character or persona presented to the world. Further, the anima may be the more feminine "soul" or inner self of a man, and the animus the more masculine soul of a woman.

Apathy, alienation, and personal distress resulting from the loss of goals previously valued. Emile Durkheim popularized this term when he listed it as a principal reason for suicide.

Antagonist medication
A chemical entity that is not naturally occuring within the body which occupies a receptor, produces no physiologic effects, and prevents endogenous and exogenous chemicals from producing an effect on that receptor.

Lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern.

Anomic aphasia

Amnestic aphasia
Loss of the ability to name objects.

An inability to produce speech sounds that require the use of the larynx that is not due to a lesion in the central nervous system.

Perception as modified and enhanced by one's own emotions, memories, and biases.

Inability to carry out previously learned skilled motor activities despite intact comprehension and motor function; this may be seen in dementia.

Inability to recognize familiar objects by touch that cannot be explained by a defect of elementary tactile sensation.

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